Saturday, May 31, 2014

May Days

May is a roller coaster month, a month filled with anticipation of birthdays and the end of school mingled with the sense of feeling out of control, as strict daytime routines give way to lazier, less structured days of summer.  We bid farewell to teachers; we learn to savor, all over again, the heady days of sunshine and blue skies.  It's a month that makes us feel like we're on top of the world one minute... only to discover ourselves scrambling to make it to the top of the next hurdle, the next jam-packed day, the next.  I hate the word "busy," and it's one I'm trying to eliminate - both using and feeling.  And so, on this last day of a roller coaster month, I'm looking forward to more time and more space.  More time with my kids... more time in this space, re-prioritizing, letting go, honing in on what really matters here.  I slogged through much of April and early May, feeling too busy and forgetting to get lost in the clouds. But I was delighted to discover, in retrospect, some really beautiful moments I managed to capture in a photo.  Like I always think about the photos I take, some are actually pretty decent pics.  But most of them are simply the visual reminder of a beautiful memory that may otherwise be forgotten, the feeling that motivated me to snap the shot more than the end result, capturing the process, not worrying about the product....

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