Saturday, May 31, 2014


Aidan turned TEN this month.  One decade old.  I find this to be simply amazing, in and of itself.

Tiny and grand moments of this month include...

These awesome ewoks Aidan constructed all on his own after reading an origami Star Wars book.  I love his creative streak.
 Aidan's piano lessons drew to a close this month as we enjoyed his second piano recital.  In the fall, he'll be in the 5th grade band as a .... TRUMPET player!
 Pax and Aidan have a relationship that may best be described as hot and cold.  In this lovely Tuesday afternoon while Leo was at gymnastics, Aidan and Pax had a wonderful time in the company of each other.
 Continuing as Master Chef, Aidan planned the meal himself, then made dijon chicken, roasted broccoli, corn on the cob, and buttered noodles.  My contribution?  I cut the watermelon.
 Last weekend, my dad and I formally and officially introduced Aidan to the Indianapolis 500.  My father and I have watched this race together for 25ish years.  It was an incredibly exciting race with the second closest finish in history, and I was delighted to welcome Aidan as the newest true race fan.
 TEN years old hanging on the limbs of his TEN year old Crepe Myrtle:
 Cheers!  11 more years until Aidan's is a Malbec instead of sparkling grape juice.
 With a new decade comes the start of new freedom:  his own kayak.  This is the face of a boy destined to do great things... all aboard this fine sea vessel.

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