Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sweet P

"Catch up on blog" remains at the top of my to-do list.  Life keeps getting in the way of my to do's.

But I do not want to forget to savor these two recent snippets, the finding-beauty-in-every-day moments that are what sustain me these days....

In addition to sharing the good part and bad part of our days at the dinner table, we've added a third element.  Each of us shares something beautiful that we've encountered that day, for even on hard days, sad days, angry days, or dreary days, there is still something beautiful to be found, recognized, enjoyed.  Sometimes, the most beautiful part of my day is when I hear what Aidan, Leo, and Pax share.  Like on this recent evening:
Me: "What was the beautiful part of your day?"

Pax:  "I know.  Making wishes in the fountain.  With Mommy.  That made it moooooore beautiful."


Most of my grocery shopping happens now while Pax is at school.  But this week, thrown off a day by a field trip with Aidan, I had to shop on Friday morning with Pax in tow.  On the one hand, it was nice to have his company.  On the other hand, we predictably ended up with more in the cart than I'd intended.  By the last aisle, I was weary of saying no to treats, abundant in every aisle, negotiating trades in the cart (if you want to get the sprinkles for ice cream, then we need to put back the chocolate chips), and of simply being in the grocery store, still.  As his voice took on a whiney pitch as he lobbied for two kinds of popsicles, I said to him,

"Pax!  We already have special things in this cart for you.  Do you see any treats in this cart for ME?"

He stared at me.  Grinned.  "Yes," he replied, hanging off the edge of the handle.  
"ME.  I am your treat!"  

Perspective. Restored.