Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Last Days

Schooooooools out. for. SUMMER!  Schooooools out. for. EVER!!!  Is it any wonder that the last day of school is such an awesome feeling, with Alice Cooper's rockin' song a permanent earworm in our collective minds?

Pax bid farewell to his preschool teacher who so lovingly guided him through his fits of anger, his frustrations, and his tendency to draw himself in, and was rewarded with many displays of his warm and affectionate, truer - yet more guarded - personality.  I absolutely *love* that he rewarded us with his "showman" pose, complete with a ta da!!  He never does this when prompted or asked; only when the spirit moves him....

We enjoyed one final picnic at church together.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, for the entire school year, Pax and I have shared lunch together on the floor of my little office, on this blanket.  He is going to a different preschool next year, and I will sorely miss this most lovely tradition.

Another tradition grew from our office picnics; our beloved office manager, Ms. Nancy, managed to have a treat of one kind or another stashed in her desk drawer for Pax, after he'd finished his lunch.  On his last day, Nancy's drawer revealed an extra special treat:  cake pops from Starbucks, enough for Pax to share with Nancy, me, and Jeff.
 And then the next day, it was The End of 4th grade for Aidan, The End of 1st grade for Leo.  They both reported having wonderful last days of school.

(In case The End hadn't gone so well, I created some "insurance" for myself on my last morning with Just Pax.  We, along with my girl Clancy, headed to the beach with a cooler of mimosa fixins, plus a bunch of snacks.... which might just be my most favorite New Tradition ever.)

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