Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wee Words

What I'm giggling about these days:

Pax and I were in the car, running errands and about to stop by Grandma and Grandpa's house to drop something off.  "Are Grandma and Grandpa here?" Pax asked as we pulled down the driveway.
"No, they are both at work."
"Oh.  Grandpa is golfing?" he asked.
"No, he is at work."  I replied.
"Yeah, that's what I said.  Golfing."
On the way home from the grocery store, Pax was munching on the Kit Kat I bought him at the checkout.  With a deep sigh he said wistfully, and mostly to himself,
"I wish chocolate was helfy [healthy].  I would make it for DINNER."
Every preschool day, I ask for a report about how he enjoyed his morning.  Answers are usually "Stupendous!" or, more often, "Awful."  Being put in time out or not getting to do show and tell (because of bad behavior) are the usual causes of Awful Days... (I'm still wondering how long it will take to make the connection that better behavior would yield more days deemed "stupendous" ...)  Anyhow, he still loves his teacher, even when she is a "meaniac" for putting him in time out.  Today, he made her a beautiful card before we left for school, and when she opened it, he told her, "That is a picture of me being naughty outside."

As if she needed reminding!

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