Saturday, February 15, 2014

Map of my Heart

This morning, I happened upon a post from an art blogger I really like - she has a wealth and a depth of knowledge in art, and yet her methods and approaches are easily recreated by anyone.  I am not an artist; I know next to nothing about painting, composition, the difference between gouache and acrylic.  But I do know that I love to Create Things, and that creating things is important.  And so-- inspired,

The five of us sat down together to Create Things.  Our idea springboard was found here, and this is what we ended up with. (Clockwise, starting top left:  Anne; Aidan; Leo; Pax; Jeff)

A Map of My Heart:  
people and things that I love; pictures and words of what holds space in my heart.

I'm thinking I'll string these together on a pretty ribbon and hang them from the mantle, or perhaps mount them all together in an oversize frame.  And I love imagining this as a new tradition; I'd love to see how their hearts change, grow, expand in the years to come. Our work this morning was intentional, peaceful, quiet, contemplative, each of us absorbed in a common task.  And it was affirming, quietly yet powerfully affirming, to see such overlap in our hearts' maps.  

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