Thursday, December 5, 2013

Rogers (KY) Thanksgiving

The halfway point between Missouri (where my brother and his family live) and Virginia (where we live, along with my parents) happens to be Rogers, Kentucky - almost down to the mile.  This year, for the first time in many years, we traveled for turkey dinner.  Speaking in commonly accepted "love languages" - quality time; physical touch; words of affirmation; service - this trip fulfilled them all.  The quality time with family; the physical proximity stretched over so many days; the service of preparing food, cleaning up, tending fires, fixing tea, shared walks; kind words spoken, moments shared, and memories made.  A gift.

I rarely include lots of photos in my posts, but this one lends itself best to photo journaling.  Our time together included....
A snowy, snowy drive!!
Celebrating safe arrivals through said snowy drives.  Cheers!
The beginnings of the 1,000 piece puzzle
Puffy clouds and fluffy snow, perfect for....
Awesome long runs on snow covered paths (forgive the clashing hat and jacket)
Decorating with homemade pilgrims
The working smoke alarm, Night 1.
Random chair dances
Gorgeous, gorgeous skies!!
Many hands make light work on Thanksgiving morning
Snowball fight!
Games, games, and more games!  Chess was a top favorite.
Still working...
Crafts with Grandma
Jean Seehaver's (inspired) Corn Casserole, passed down several generations....
More chess.
A lovely table with personal touches from home! (Note the Carter Thanksgiving banner in the window)
A 5-legged turkey, so that every boy could have a "hold onto"
5 noisy grandsons; 1 sleeping Grandpa amidst the chaos
Team Intense
This boy was bound and determined to be a guest in the "big boy" room!
A smattering of delicious brews from the weekend!
Natural Bridge in Kentucky
Reeeally chilly hike to see the bridge
AWESOME.  Truly, truly amazing!!!

(Great photo courtesy of Jeff's iphone + skillz)

On the top of the bridge!
999 pieces completed.... and one lost forever.
Bonfire builder
Snowman builder
Family Feud!
Another gorgeous sky. 
The giving of thanks - yes.  That.

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