Thursday, December 19, 2013

Rootof the red nosed reindeer

Aack!  How is it December 19?  How is it I've only managed 2 mediocre posts this month?  In the words of Gerald (of Piggy and Gerald in Mo Willems' We Are in a Book), "I have more to give!!!"  ....but not tonight.

Instead, some guest posts by Leo G. The kid is a prolific writer in 1st grade, which thrills me to no end, since a) he claimed to hate writing last year and b) his teacher is awesome.  Simply awesome.

So --

If I had a pet reindeeer...
If I had a pet reindeer his name woud be Rootof.
He woud liv at the noorthpool.
He woud be brown.
I woud love him.
I wot [want] a pet reindeer.

Dear Santa,
How are thing at the Northpool?  I hav ben a good boy.  I hope Rootof is rety.  Merry Chrissmas!
Love, Leo

(and now for my favorite...)

Dear Santa,
I can explain.

I did not lisin to my Mom.  I din't dwu wut [do what] I ws spostoue. [supposed to]  Ples ples cepe [keep] me on the nus [nice] list.
From, Leo

At dinner tonight, Aidan was talking about a friend who didn't make it to the next round in the spelling bee because he misspelled "yeast."
Jeff:  Well, Aidan, how do you spell yeast?
Without a moment's hesitation, Aidan replied -
Jeff burst out laughing.... and said Yes.  Yes you do.

You DO spell it wyeast.... if you order your homebrew supplies from here.

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