Thursday, November 28, 2013

Playing the right tune

I'm so happy to introduce Jeff to this space as my guest post for Thanksgiving this year. Offering up both sides of the coin, Jeff begins with what makes it hard to feel grateful, and ends with the many ways in which he truly does...

I find it difficult to be thankful Saturday morning at 5:03... I am not heading off to work again. I am not going out to run wind sprints or erg 5000 meters for my rowing coach. I am not alone in the cold without a roof over my head, with the wind biting at my bones, tired hungry, broke, broken. I live in a beautiful community with my health, my family, wonderful neighbors and friends, and a great job. I come from strong genes, with grandparents who will both be soon looking back on 100 years of life in this beautiful world. I am at home with a gorgeous wife and 3 lively boys whom I love, adore, and cherish. But, when that little 4 year old bandit steals into my bed in the middle of the night, and reminds his Daddy how lucky he is to have his littlest boy love him so by kicking him squarely in the nose... I find it difficult to be thankful Saturday morning at 5:03!

I am thankful for the myriad ways we help each other. From the little helping hands that set our table in the evening, to the opportunity to provide for others through our time and talents. We seek to help our neighbors and ourselves by the votes we cast and the battles we choose to fight. I am thankful for those who advocate for me when I am to weary to speak up. With every breath we take, we play a part in the natural world around us. I am thankful for those who seek to learn more about the destruction our footsteps may have left as we walk carelessly, and for those who hold our hands to guide us to a better path. I am thankful for those who join in my symphony and play the same melody I do; I am equally thankful for those who make me wonder if I am playing the right tune.

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