Friday, November 22, 2013

A Promising Bestseller in Anger Management

A review from the Editor at Literacy Farm:

When You are Mad by budding new author Leo Carter is a succinct, to-the-point book of instructions with carefully crafted illustrations that make clear the author's intent.  Although publishing is new for this author, his depth of knowledge in feelings of anger runs deep, resulting in this valuable, powerful, and authentic book. The author seems to have intentionally left out methods he himself has used during fits of rage, including door slamming, throwing items down sets of stairs, and flailing about the room while screaming incessantly - perhaps in the hopes of sparing readers from these largely ineffective and counterproductive methods of dealing with anger. Told through a set of clear imperatives, this book is a no-nonsense set of reminders of what to do when you are mad.  It is a must-read, and is currently being offered exclusively at Literacy Farm.

When You are Mad by Leo Carter
"Take a Deep Breath"
"Punch a pillow"
"Scream into a pillow"
"Count to Ten"

**Final note from the Editor:  this is also a book about hope.  It gives me great hope that one day, Leo will actually be able to employ these methods of calming himself down and regaining control.  This book is funny and sweet.  But our evenings have been anything but funny and sweet... and so the discovery of this little book, and knowing that the idea for it was completely his own, gives me such hope... 

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