Monday, January 21, 2013

I Dream a World

Inauguration 2013:  Another incredibly historic day today, although I didn't cry quite as much as I did four years ago.  Then again, I'm not newly pregnant like I was then, and crying at the drop of a hat.....

What I was struck by today, perhaps more than during any other Inauguration I've watched or witnessed, is exactly what all the commentators were reiterating:  that our nation, so divided, so bitter, so embattled, is able to completely put aside our anger and division and instead, bear witness to this transfer of power with utter calm, peace, ritual, and respect.  Simply put - it was so beautiful.  It was so good.

The icing on the cake was that, as it was in Historic 2009, we simultaneously witnessed our first black President take the oath of office on the very holiday we honor arguably the most influential civil rights leader of all time.  As I prepared for my tutoring session tonight, I selected my favorite poetry frame most fitting for the day, titled "I Dream a World."  The frame provides just the barest of words to prompt ideas; the rest is up to the poet himself.  On second thought, I reached into my file cabinet and pulled one out for Aidan, curious to see what he might create.  On my way out the door, I provided only some brief direction in how to work the format and left the rest to him.  When I returned, I helped with only two revisions; the work is utterly his and truly authentic.  (I've noted in bold the framework that was provided.)

"I Dream a World"

I dream a world where the world has no pollution and is full of beauty,
where flowers are everywhere
and cars, planes, and trains run on electricity.
I dream a world where the world is in peace forever and forevermore,
where no one fights,
nor is there any war.
A world I dream where everyone loves and cares about each other,
and people adore each other and are respectful.
where everything is just exquisite
and nothing, absolutely nothing is bad or awful.
Of such I dream, my world!

-Aidan Carter, age 8 1/2, grade 3

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