Monday, January 14, 2013

S'more Birthday Fun

Leo's camping-themed party was a roaring success!  I had so much fun preparing the crafts, decorations, and goodies, and the games we played were great fun.  Best of all, I love the sweet friends Leo has made this year in kindergarten, which happens to include several old pals from preschool as well.  I loved chatting with the moms and making some new connections with them, too.  A few photos of the event:
Welcome, Campers!

Leo's new clubhouse/tent
The "Campground" awaits, complete with a (smoky!) campfire

Want S'more Cupcakes?
A rousing chorus of Kumbaya, anyone?
Resplendent in Campfire Caps
Make Your Own Trail Mix...
...with the Camp Host to guide you!

Guests' Self Portraits:  Totem Pole
Making medallions
Adding beads to the medallions
Happy Campers! 

*This party was among my most favorites.  It was surprisingly easy to plan, and the theme came together so well.  Although I like Pinterest for some things, my best resource seems to be Family Fun.  Here are the links I used for my party ideas; the two games, Pass the Parcel and the hula hoop game were AWESOME.  (I do not love birthday party games in general, but I LOVED these two!)
Click below for....
Pass the Parcel (I included one that said "Sing Happy Birthday to Leo"; I also made some of them "All Play" versions for total participation).
Hula Hoop Game
Campfire Caps (I used pinking shears and brown felt, plus I constructed everything with hot glue)
Totem Pole Portraits
Campfire Cupcakes (another option is to do this Cake)

....and the medallions, well, those were my own genius idea, borrowed from my own childhood days attending Family Camp with our church.

Happy Party and Happy Camping!

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