Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mad Scientist!

When Aidan decided that he wanted a science-themed birthday party this year, I wondered if I'd met my match in party planning.  But I love a good challenge, and after just two internet searches, I realized that this party of his was the best of both words:  Teacher Meets Mom.  Eureka! 

The party turned out to be among my most favorites.  Most of the guests were in Aidan's class this year, and they were truly a joy to have at our home - he has many kind and sweet friends, that is for sure.  Since we haven't done a big party for Aidan in several years (his choice), it came as a rather unexpected surprise to have such a calm and lovely party.  No tears, no fights, no wrestling matches (which is more than I can say about a certain pirate party we hosted recently).  :o) 

I managed to get a lot of fun photos from the event, and although I usually try to avoid photo overload on my blog, I'm making an exception this time.  (However, as a general rule, I try to avoid including photos of other people's kids on my blog if I don't have their permission... so some of my favorites, including a group shot of the party bunch, are not included here.)

Welcome to the Lab!

 Be sure to wear a lab coat, please...
 The Mad Scientist with the Origin of (his) Species:

Preparations are complete and ready for the scientists!

"Scientific Progress Goes 'Boink!'"

The Scientists Investigate - what appeared to be a bowl of water was actually bowl filled with supersized polymer crystals that absorb water to 300 times their original size!

Baking Soda + Vinegar experiments
 Developing Original Molecules in the lab....
 This one was one of my favorites!!  I love the design & colors

Milk + food coloring + toothpick dipped in dish detergent
 ...SO many cool designs with this one!!
Measuring out the cornstarch to make....

 Oobleck!  Cornstarch + water + food coloring = massive fun

Playing the game "Burst the Atom"
After experimenting with different decorating techniques, the scientists finally settle in to enjoy some cake and ice cream. 
We celebrate you, Aidan Paul - you make 8 look great!  You are our endlessly curious, creative, and clever boy. You have such a beautiful mind, such a tender heart, such a magnetic soul.  Happy, happy birthday!

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