Sunday, May 13, 2012

From Aidan and Leo to the BOS

May 13, 2012

Dear Board of Supervisors,

Please give us back the money that you said you would give us.  You cannot take away the money that we need because the schools cannot buy what they need.  We are running low on school supplies, like glue sticks. We are in danger because of the money shortage.  Our students don’t have enough safe  places to go to because we have to be in the trailers.  I felt really scared when we had the earthquake and I had to be in a trailer instead of a school.  It is also really scary when we have high wind warnings.  We also don’t have good places to hang our bulletin boards because they keep falling down in the trailers.

I felt really super duper sad when I found out I couldn’t go to Careysbrook Elementary School.  Careysbrook seemed like it was going to be an awesome school. 

The high schoolers won’t have their music room that they always wanted.   

There is no choice for you to not do it.  You have to make sure that adults can learn how to read, so you can’t cut the adult reading program.  Reading is very important! 

What are you going to do with the money, anyway? And why are you taking money away from our schools?  Will you please answer all our questions? 


Aidan Carter (Class of 2022) and Leo Carter (class of 2025)

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