Monday, May 10, 2010

Quotable Quotes

Here are some of my most favorite recent quotes from Aidan and Leo:

Leo: I wuv [love] putting gasoline on my cheeks." (gasoline = vaseline
Aidan to Leo: Those used to be my pants, but they don't fit me anymore, so they're not mine. They're yours..... You're my little Goodwill.
Mom: Aidan, let me see your shiny penny face.

(Aidan, beaming up at me - )
A: Am I a polished penny? Because a polished penny is even better than a shiny penny.
Aidan to Grandma:
Grandma, let me wash my face and hands and then you can pull my tooth....
....and then I'll have a dollar and a hole in my head!
We were just getting ready to head outside after lunch for some bike riding -
Leo: Ooh, my belly hurts. It feels like... it feels like it needs to go bike riding!
(Discussing the location of a certain store)
Daddy: It's over by the Dollar Store.
Aidan: By the bank?
Daddy: No, the Dollar Store..... oh, I just got it, Aidan!
I recently got my hair highlighted. Leo was very intrigued by this and asked,
Mommy, where did you get your hair painted?

Later, he told Aidan that "Mommy has little hairs that are the same color as my hair." Aidan was thoroughly confused until he got home and saw me, and then I could see the lightbulb going off in his head....
Leo was studying this small chunky batman kid action doll that we have. He stared at it intently, then pointed at him and asked, "Um, is that a diaper?"
Aidan indignantly responded "No!"
Jeff went on to explain that all superheroes wear tight-fitting clothes because they can't let anything get in the way of rushing to someone's rescue. (I was fascinated to see where he was going with the whole tight fitting clothes thing.) He said,
"Look, even Daddy has Superhero pants like those. [he whips out a bright red pair of undies he wore with a Superman costume]. "
Leo: Ooh! Like Superwhy! Superwhy has those too! But why don't I have any?
Daddy: You will have some when you get bigger.
Leo: But I am bigger! I am!!
Aidan was silent through this discussion, but very impressed with Daddy's superhero pants.
We are all riding in the car together, on our way to get ice cream with Grandma and Grandpa.

Leo is talking to himself: There is a hair on my band-aid. Kind of like a camel. A camel has hair. I am a camel. I am a camel...

Aidan: (sigh) Mammal, Leo, it's MAmmal.

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