Friday, May 21, 2010


Leo's Parrot, Goggle! (Aidan has Boy... Leo has Goggle!)

Leo introduced us to his imaginary friend - a parrot named Goggle. His parrot is in a cage and the cage is in California. The following is a transcript of Leo's narrative to me about his parrot:

When we go on an airplane to California we can go and see my parrot. He is so nice.

We can get some clay from Grandma's house and make a parrot out of it.

Do you know what? I have a parrot and he name was Blech and I put him in a cage and he got out of his cage. When he got out of his cage he also pooped. He also peed. He also did computer. He also picked the kitty up. He has arms! But his wings are his arms. He also draws some pictures and lays some eggs. You know how they do it? They just poop them out. They don't poop them out, they just go get some eggs and the baby parrots come out. The parrot doesn't poop out, he has one baby and he lays some different eggs and a baby parrot pops out.

And his brother and his mama - his mama is so big and he lives in a BIG cage, like THAT big. And his brother's name is Hair. And his mama's name is Bear. And there's also a Leo Parrot and an Aidan Parrot! Aidan Parrot and Leo Parrot also have a house, like this kind of house. They go up into their room and sometimes they do mean things to each other. They hit each other. Then they say sorry and then his brother tells on him. And then his mama puts her baby to sleep and Leo comes in and stays in and the mama tells Leo to go out - nicely. And sometimes I call her Bad Parrot Mom. There is also a Logan Parrot. Logan Parrot was playing outside. That's all the things.

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