Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bedtime Ritual

On nights when Jeff is working, bedtime can be somewhat of a challenge. All three boys go to bed at about the same time, but getting Pax to sleep first is the key to a successful night. Cumulatively, I have spent hours and hours and hours (days? weeks? months?) trying my best to get Aidan and Leo to understand that they need to be quiet while I put Pax to bed, yet somehow the words "Please be quiet while I put Pax to bed" gets heard as "Be as noisy and boisterous and crazed as you possibly can." (Some nights, I think my efforts would be better spent convincing a herd of elephants to tiptoe through a library.)

Last night, I tiptoed out of Pax's room and was greeted by deafening.... silence. The door to the older boys' room was closed, and I heard... nothing. Holding my breath just a bit, nervous about what I might find, I slowly pushed the door open and discovered this:

Aidan was reading a book to his two baby dolls, which he had lovingly tucked under the covers, side by side. And Leo had his shirt up around his chin when I walked in, and his baby doll pressed firmly to his chest. "Go out!" he whispered. "I am feeding my baby!" Aidan looked over at me and said knowingly, "We are putting our babies to bed."

A most lovely end to what had been a not especially terrific day. I felt victorious in my efforts to have a quiet, peaceful bedtime. It worked!!.... for one night, at least.

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