Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Second child syndrome

.... and, of course, in the interest of fairness, a Leo story:

At the time of Leo's 18 month check up, he had very few words, spoken or signed. Because Aidan had such a vast vocabulary at this age (30+ words and signs) the doctor was not concerned exactly, but just a little cautious about monitoring Leo closely to make sure that he was developing a rich vocabulary as well. He suggested we might want to have L evaluated down the road if there wasn't a big change in the next few months. Hearing all of this, Jeff put Leo on a "crash course" of signing, and low and behold, a mere month or so later, Leo is fully communicative with the following words and signs:

cat, dog, woof, meow, more, thank you, blanket, pacifier, baby, ball, apple, eat, drink, all done, bye-bye, Mama, Dada, Grandma, ("Ama!") Grandpa ("Bumpa!") book, fish, light, stars, moon, bib, bath, bird, plus a variety of great animal noises, and his pretend talk: "Gapta gapta gapta gapta gapta!"
So take THAT, Mister Pediatrician [who I really adore]! No Second Child Syndrome going on here.....

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