Wednesday, August 20, 2008

From the mouthes of babes

A few of my favorite quotable quotes:

Aidan to Grandma: Is that the couch?
G: No, Aidan, that's the loveseat. You sit on the loveseat with someone you love.
[a short time later]
A: Grandma, can you put Leo up on the loving couch with me?

[looking at a newly found puppet of Shakespeare]
Aidan: we haven't seen this guy in awhile! What's his name?
Mom: Shakespeare.
A: Shake beer? Why does he shake the beer?

[In the car, Mom muttering a bit too loudly at the person who tried to sideswipe us]
Mom: You dumbass, watch out!
Aidan: Mommy, why did you call that person a dumbass?
M: [silence]
A: [louder this time] Mom, why did you call that person a dumbass?
M: [silence, louder silence this time]
A: You shouldn't have called that person a dumbass, Mommy. You should not call people names.
M: You're absolutely right, Aidan.


Aidan, getting ready to go on his first golfing adventure, shows me the clubs in his bag:
"This is my putter. And these are my Tigers!" [he meant his woods]


Daddy and Leo, practicing (animal) noises
D: What does a dog say?
L: Woof!
D: What does a dinosaur say?
L: Raaaarrrr!!!
D: What does Aidan say?
L: Mama!
D: What does Leo say?
L: Mama!
D: What does Daddy say?
L: Raaaarrrr!!!!!!! (then grins from ear to ear)

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