Saturday, June 29, 2013

Summer Memory Tree

There's something very satisfying about the concrete collection of memories.  Two summers ago, we compiled a summer memory jar at the end of the season, then saved it to enjoy in the cold months of winter, as our literary friend Frederick did for his mouse family.  At Thanksgiving, we create a Tree of Thanks for the many blessings and riches in our lives.  And so, nearing the end of a particularly wonderful month, we found ourselves wanting to record the very detailed and specific favorite moments now, with the intention of tucking them away to remember later.

Our solution:  the Summer Memory Tree.  We found two slender but full branches and spray-painted them a cheery, bright green.  In sticking with the summer theme, we filled our glass vase with sand from the beach, firmly stuck in the green branches,then added blue stones at the top to represent the water (as well as for extra reinforcement).  After much deliberation and conversation, we ultimately decided on colorful polka-dot shapes to record our memories, and got to work filling out the circles, with many more on hand to add to the tree as the summer continues.  In addition to the tree, we have a list of "want to do's" that guide the direction of our days, especially Fun Fridays.  At the close of summer, we'll tuck these bright spots away in a cheery tin to ward off the darkness and chill of winter. 

The most recent additions include highlights from our visit with our dear friends, the Grants (who traveled all the way from California and included us in their East Coast tour):

Aidan: I loved making Stop Motion movies with Connor and playing Minecraft with him!
Leo:  Pretending to surf  and being crazy with Patrick on the pull-behind [on the boat] was AWESOME!
Pax:  It was so funny when we were on the big raft with Connor and Patrick!
Anne:  Our "California versus Virginia" wine tasting competition was so fun... especially since I totally rocked in identifying all 6 wines (blindly!).  Playing Cards Against Humanity until the wee morning hours was, of course, another highlight.
Jeff: I loved making a special Blue Moon homebrew in honor of the Grants' visit.  Also, the shrimp & grits and Mexican corn dinner was AMAZING.  I also loved the wine tasting... I probably enjoyed it a little too much.

Good stuff, I tell you.  Good stuff.