Friday, June 28, 2013

St. Mary's

Solomons Island was where we called home last week as we vacationed with another couple we met at college.  Between the two families, we have 6 boys ages 3-9.  Our days were filled with boating, fishing, swimming, seeing old friends, eating great food, reminiscing, telling stories, and soaking up every gorgeous minute of the weather and the friendship and the setting.  It was amazing.

But before we settled on Solomons, we visited our beloved little college.  I won't even let myself hope that one of my children chooses SMCM as their first choice school, but I can certainly revel in the memories of my own time there.  And revel, I did:

The brick where my name is boldly etched should have been proof enough:
I belong here.

But the handful of students we see, though friendly, dismiss us all without a second glance,
thinking we are a cliché, perhaps:
The dozen years of a post-college life together etched on our slightly worn faces
and somewhat graying hair
and the boys whose bodies are in constant, noisy motion  
mask the happiness and nostalgia that washes over us in a gentle yet constant tide
like the very water of the St. Mary’s River.

The students assume that the
has been sucked out of this 30-something couple with their three children: please come here for the picture, Leo! Pax, keep your hands to yourself; Aidan, please use kind words; yes Pax, I’ll take you to the potty again, no Pax, you cannot try to pet the groundhog, maybe Daddy can give you a piggy back for your tired feet, Leo?...

How do I convince them that this is no cliché, that this very
Adventure that we’re now on, this
Life that we’ve built, day by day and year by year, this
Love that we’ve invested, fortified, multiplied -
began here, on this gorgeous yet humble brick campus with a sprawling river bed and gently sloping hills and lush verdant wetland, home to groundhogs, heron, bullfrogs, and red winged black birds…?

As they pass us by, grinning and light-stepped, thinking that they are living the best years of their lives here at this beloved college,
we watch them with the full knowledge
that the best is yet to come.

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