Monday, May 13, 2013

Soul Food

Two weekends ago, our family joined a handful of other families from our church in one particularly  gorgeous valley of the Shenandoah Mountains.  We pitched our tents, stoked the fire, and settled in for a wonderful, food-for-the-soul kind of weekend.

The trip delivered everything we could have hoped it would:

I never grew tired of looking at this gorgeous redbud!
Pax, working hard on his no-dye tie dye t shirt

Ta Da!  My Dad's awesome shirt.  They all turned out so well!

Cozying up with Richard Scarry
Awesome Camp Medallions
Strawberries and firefly crafts:  what could be better?
Roasting Marshmallows
The biggest s'more EVER!
The beautiful lake in the morning
10 minutes after "happy campers" photo was taken
Some of the families from our fabulous church family.  Love!!

Soul Food? Absolutely.  For these photos don't even begin to capture or describe the fellowship, the laughter, the bonds of friendship, the shared responsibilities of meal prep, of childcare, of care for one another. They don't reflect the beauty of our outdoor worship service, or the spiritual nourishment it provided. My beloved, favorite poet Mary Oliver describes the following in an excerpt of her work titled I Have Decided:

"I have decided to find myself a home in the mountains, somewhere high up where one learns to live peacefully in the cold and the silence.  It's said that in such a place certain revelations may be discovered.  That what the spirit reaches for may be eventually felt, if not exactly understood.  Slowly, no doubt.  I'm not talking about a vacation."

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