Saturday, May 25, 2013

Peace Sign Pickles (and other giggles)

Here's what's kept me giggling (or simply swooning) these past few weeks:

Pax and I were getting ready to bake.  I put on my brand-new owl apron (so cute!). Pax looked at me and said excitedly, "Oh!  Mommy, I want to have my cape on just like yous have yours.

Apron = cape.  No wonder moms get such a reputation for being superheros!
On a different day, Pax and I had spent many hours baking cupcakes and cookies.  I was tired, cranky, and feeling gloomy because of the endless rain we were receiving, and then there was a bit of a miscommunication between Jeff and me over who was going to take out the last batch of cupcakes from the oven.  13 minutes after the timer went off, I headed back inside and discovered, much to my dismay, that the cupcakes were still in the oven.  It's possible that someone just over 5 feet tall had a bit of a tantrum over this discovery, and her frustration and annoyance were abundantly clear to all those present.

A few minutes after the tantrum had subsided, Pax walked up to the 5ish foot person and said so kindly, "Thank you for helping me to make cupcakes.  It was SO FUN!!"  He delivered a hug, then walked away. 
Looking around the room after having come downstairs, Leo said to me, "Our house is like a library.  There are books EVERYWHERE!" 
(be still my heart!  a library!  here!!!)
Shopping for pizza toppings today at the grocery store, Pax spotted the nearby jarred and sliced jalapeno peppers.  "Ooh!  Mom!!  Look at those peace sign pickles!!"

That's my boy. Spotting peace in the peppers. Of course, they were next to the olives.... 

Olive you, peaceful pepper.  
Olive you, too.  

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