Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Good things happen in threes (!!Aidan! Leo! Pax!), ergo, milestones happen in threes.  Right?

Early in March, we celebrated some pretty amazing stuff around here:
Milestone Number 1:  Leo lost his first tooth. He *finally* got to use the adorable tooth pillow that my mother lovingly made for him, months and months and months ago.  I didn't post a toothless grin, however, because a) I find those new gaping/bloody holes quite revolting; and b) his permanent teeth have already grown in behind the baby teeth, hence, there's no gap to be seen. 

Milestone Number 2:  I, Anne Carter, pulled out Leo's first tooth.  This is monumental news, perhaps even bigger news than the First Lost Tooth (hey, he is the second child, after all.)  I get squeamish and hurley and vaguely vasovagal about the whole loose-tooth thing, but I was so fed up with seeing it dangle in front of his permanent teeth that I just reached in and yanked that sucker out.  It was oddly gratifying, being able to satisfy that loose-tooth feeling.  The same loose tooth feeling as salmon between your teeth, and the wishy-washy, wiggly tooth way the dark blue upholstery always felt in my grandmother's Buick LeSabre. 

Milestone Number 3:  Having conquered a huge squeamish thing without fainting or having to quickly down a glass of sugary apple juice, I decided to set my sights high.  After 6 years of living as a "recovering vegetarian," I, Anne Carter, pulled out the gizzards and innards of a raw roasting chicken, cleaned and seasoned that slippery bird, and popped her in the oven to roast, all by my very self.  Granted, I used forks and foreceps tongs, and possibly even required coaching/distraction by phoning a friend during the procedure, but the point is that I did it.

It's all about the little things, right? 


elfstone326 said...

Ooh! You pulled it out yourself?! Being similarly vasovagal about loose teeth, I applaud!

Linsey said...

No gaps around here either. Every single one of Hugo's teeth has waited to fall out until the adult tooth is COMPLETELY in. He is working shark tooth 5 and 6 now I think. I guess it runs in the family somewhere.