Tuesday, March 26, 2013


(...continued from "Snow Day")
We had a two hour delay this morning, and the boys took this small window of time as another opportunity to test things out on the island.  As we waited for the bus, Aidan asked, "What if school gets cancelled instead of just a delay?"  I managed to unclench my teeth to respond: "Then I would drive you to school and you would go anyway."  He started at me, trying to discern if I was making a joke.  I stared back.  Mercifully, the bus pulled up....

Things didn't go much better this afternoon.  But then the Officer appeared before the boys, and she laid down the law, once and for all.

One of the natives heard the law very clearly, and decided to take matters into his own hands.  Later this evening, Leo independently, laboriously, and painstakingly drafted the following chart:  

For those of you who may struggle with deciphering the works of a within-word pattern speller:

Bad Thin[g]...  Chor[e]

1.  Call people names?....take out the trash
2.  Punch people?...sweep the kitchen
3. Not doing what you're supposed to?...wipe windows
4. Opening [bedroom] door [for the purpose of annoying brother(s)]?...pick up 12 toys.
5.  Kick people?...fold laundry.
6. Smacking people?...time out.
7. Pulling hair?...go to your room.
8. Being sneaky?...no screen for a week.
9. Not listening?...go to your room for 10 minutes.
10.  Going outside with no permission?.....

What? What happens when you go outside without permission??  Maybe Leo is more familiar with Lord of the Flies than one might expect.... thankfully, the nearest deserted tropical island is thousands of miles away, and civilization may just be restored with this one simple list.  Oh yeah - do you want to stop by for a visit?  By Monday, my house is looking to be immaculate...not to mention really quiet...

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elfstone326 said...

"Being sneaky"?! I love it! Leo can come and be sneaky over here.