Monday, November 1, 2010

Venn Diagram

(<--Leo on Halloween.... He is dressed as Superwhy, a cartoon character who is a Super Reader.)

Oh, my Leo Leo. He is the middle of my Venn Diagram, the one around whom I am always drawing circles. In one sentence, he's a part of the "older boys" - as in, the older boys are building stuff with Jeff in the basement. The next minute, he's a younger boy - as in, the younger boys are having their naps right now. We call him "Middy" - a reference to his birth order position as well as possibly a position he'll play in lacrosse one day.... (after all, he's already got that great lacrosse player hair, not to mention the kick butt attitude that goes with it...)

His determination knows no bounds. (See video of 3 year, 10 month old Leo riding a two wheeler). This is both one of his greatest assets, and one of the most trying facets of his personality.

Recent favorite sayings of Leo:
"Becept." A combination of "because" and "except," and in context, is used as the latter.

"Will'nt" - possibly the best contraction ever developed. Far superior to its proper sister, "Won't..." In Leoease: "I will'nt go upstairs for my nap. I will'nt eat the rest of my apples."

And finally - out of the blue, Leo asked me with utter solemnity and due gravity - "Do you know why Thomas Jefferson is buried?"

Me - "Why?"

Leo - "Because he's DEAD." (a quiet pause, to let the news sink in with me.)

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