Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Halloween was, as usual, such fun. Aidan was a regal wizard, compliments of my mom's excellent seamstress skills. He cast (friendly) hexes on anyone who would stand still long enough to do so, and took his role as Wizard very seriously...

Leo went as Superwhy, from the cartoon on PBS. The best part of his costume, for me at least, was when he declared how much he loooooved wearing the green tights. (The tiny running shorts were a close second, though.... and Aidan had the same reaction to the tights when he wore them with his pumpkin costume 3 years ago!)

And Pax went as a Monster, because only monsters keep you up at night! I had a real moment of panic at about 3:30 on Halloween afternoon - I had put off finishing his costume because I wasn't exactly sure how to make him look monstrously cute. I started panicking, envisioning years of therapy with the claims, "Look at how I suffered as the third child! Look at this ridiculous, half-arsed costume! Oh, how they failed me!!!" But then, as these things usually go, Jeff and I were able to cobble together a pretty terrific looking monster - so terrific, in fact, that Pax seemed to revel in wearing the Monster hat, even though he typically resists having anything adorn his head.... (I have to say, I'm always kind of impressed with how well Jeff and I collaborate on these little projects. We are perfect complements to each other; I like to think that I'm the ying to his yang.)

...even if Pax's costume had turned out a disaster, at least he'll always be able to find comfort in the easy and relaxed parenting styles that comes with being the third. While comfortably strapped into the Radio Flyer red wagon, Pax happened upon a miniature Snickers bar that I felt certain would be impossible for him to unwrap and eat.... until I witnessed him smooshing and sucking every morsel of chocolate/caramel/peanut/nogut out of that tiny wrapper. Never in a million years would a Snickers bar have crossed the lips of 13 month old Aidan... and yet we saw it differently with Pax - he was happy and content to ride in the wagon... and who could blame him, after all? Snickers really satisfies.

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