Wednesday, June 16, 2010


When I was in middle school, I started making a list of "things to be happy about" after being inspired by the book, 1,000 Things to be Happy About. I listed hundreds and hundreds of things, and collected this "happiness" for years. Although I have long since lost that list, the one that sticks out in my mind the most is "being able to breathe through your nose again after having a cold."

Recently I decided to start a new list. I made a few rules for myself - no going back on things that have happened in the past; no excessive elaboration; keep it simple.

As is always the case, whenever I grab a scrap of paper to add to my list, I write down the five most burning ideas - and then think of 10 more after I've put it away. And so it begins - this list was begun about a month ago, and I'll continue to add to it every now and then.

1. Browsing in a bookstore
2. Watching a baby nurse
3. Nursing a baby
4. the peace that overtakes a sleeping child's face
5. coffee in bed
6. getting a fantastic deal on a purchase
7. being cheerful in a sea of grumpy people
8. paying a compliment to someone
9. receiving an unexpected compliment that truly makes your day
10. a glimpse of something unexpected and wonderful
11. anticipation
12. tickle monsters
13. Coffee Breath Dragons who tickle
14. children with nice manners
15. soaking wet, bubble covered children
16. how your favorite jeans make you feel when you wear them
17. stopping the car to write something down on your "happy" list
18. a perfectly ordinary day that is perfectly wonderful.
19. the really, really, really funny things that kids say
20. making wearable art
21. taking a picture that captures the moment
22. remembering the fun that was being had when a mediocre picture is taken
23. the feeling after a great run
24. standing up for your convictions, no matter what
25. dinner with new friends
26. enjoying a beer at an airport
27. a heroic stranger on an airplane who makes your kid feel like a million bucks after he's had to give up his window seat to his brother
28. family
29. the amusing stories you get to tell about your family
30. the chance to say goodbye before it is too late.
31. flying through the air with the greatest of ease
32. a best friend with whom to fly
33. a great glass of wine
34. not being able to stop thinking of things to write down.....
35. making yourself write one more because you don't like even numbers, you only like odd numbers.
36. odd numbers.

...and so it will continue. I invite you to add your own....

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