Monday, March 2, 2009

In like a lion!

I did not want it to snow. I am utterly tired of winter: chills, bleak landscapes, endless indoor play, dry air and gray skies. But, true to her word, Mother Nature brought March in like a lion!

It snowed about 8 or 9 inches and transformed every surface. The snow made the cars and roads, houses and trees ephemeral, magical, new. Leo was shocked to see the snow when he first caught a glimpse outside his window, and Aidan, all prepared to dive into the "Machines" and "The Way Things Work" books that are his latest obsession, dropped the books at his feet and shouted, "I FORGOT THERE WAS A SNOWSTORM!!"

By 8:00, we were bundled from head to toe and ready to brace the elements. (8:00? How is that possible? We can barely get out the door on time at 8:40 for preschool!!!) I'll admit it - I was very tempted to keep the home fire burning, curled up with a good book and a cup of tea. But the white powder called to me, lured me out..... okay, fine, and the terrific photo opportunity is what really sealed the deal.

We romped around the yard, made snow angels, coaxed the powder into snowballs, adventured out for a walk, played with the neighbors. Later, we found the perfect sledding hill. We delighted in the speed in which Aidan sledded, the gleeful shouts of "Oh no!" from Leo after tumbling out of the "big boy" sled he insisted on riding; we vicariously lived out the many sled rides of our own childhoods as we watched our children discover Snow Day.

I made myself go out into the snow today because I remember the wonderful days of my own childhood, and I owe it to my children to create those days for them. But along the snowy route, I forgot my "agenda" and got so caught up in the fun of the day, realizing all over again the joy of watching your children experience something unforgettable for the first time. Just as the snow transforms old into new, my old snow memories have been transformed into something new - my childhood's delights and the delight of my children.

Cost of hats, mittens, winter coats? $100. Sled? $10. Hot cocoa and marshmellows? $5. Memories of our Snow Day together? Priceless.

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