Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break Roundup

Too often these last few months, I find myself wishing for more hours in the day.... a sure sign that maintaining Balance, that seemingly elusive Balance, is too far tipped in the wrong direction.  On three consecutive afternoons last week, Jeff walked in the front door as I walked out; we didn't reunite until late in the evening.  My to-do list seems only to grow, not shrink, and a lot of it is pretty legit stuff.  And yet, even among the jam-packed hours of day, there have been some decidedly delicious moments... that I fear will go unremembered.  Thus, today, Remembering and Recording are more important than the 10 other important - or not - things I'd hoped to get done.

On the first official day of Spring Break, we were off and running - I was, at least!  March 30 was my 5th year to run the C'ville 10 Miler.  My family came to cheer me on, and thanks to fancy apps with live tracking, Jeff and the kids knew when I was about to pass them and were ready with cheers, signs, and grins.  It was an overly humid (yet chilly), overcast, slightly drizzly day, which made me even more grateful for their presence.  I ran a new PR of 1:23:49, placing me #440 overall and # 22 in my age bracket.

Mother Nature rewarded us, seemingly, with a week of gorgeous spring weather.  As per tradition, our family embarked on an overnight adventure, this time venturing to Lynchburg to spend the day at Amazement Square, picnic outside, swim at a hotel pool, dine at a cool restaurant in a former train station, then hit up a state park the next day.  It was a wonderful respite, and our best spring break adventure to date.  The adventure, in photos:   
Aidan is pretending to be the spider, devouring the prey he's caught in his web.  Of course.
We explored this river table FOREVER. Leo (aka Toothless) loved working the locks along the riverbanks.
Family Jam Session.  This was *really* cool.
Incredible WW II Tableaus, done by local student artists. 
Wow. Inspiring.  

Tour de France (Tour de Lynchburg?) here we come!
Inside the glass walled painting room....
Table Side 1
At dinner, we were talking about where Pax's loveys, Flippo and Flox, might be.  "They are having an adventure, too," Pax told us.  "They are having dinner at a restaurant, like us.  Them are animals, so them are having... dead bears."

Table Side 2

Inside the fort that Jeff built for wine-drinking and card playing...
James River - we saw a turtle, a snake, a bunch of birds, some horses, and three really cute mammals.
GORGEOUS weather - the kids complained they were hot.  17 or 70, we asked? reminding them of the nearly unbearable winter we've just endured....
Ah, yes.  Happiness.  Along the James River, minus the accordion and the beer.  But still.  Happiness.

Later in the break, the kids had a lovely day with Grandma and Grandpa, making a cool craft and going out to the movies.  We explored the nearby trails with friends on another day, and ended the week with some scrumptious meals by the young chefs.

It was a great week, and a taste of what's to come. As I watched Leo return to his relaxed, in-control, even-tempered self during his respite from the stress that school brings him, I look forward now to summer in a way I haven't fully appreciated before. 

Yup.  Spring Break was pretty much this:


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