Thursday, October 31, 2013

Albert E. Lukey, and the Minion

Halloween 2013:  Possibly the best one yet?

Despite preparations that lasted well past bedtime (mine and Jeff's, that is) last night, this year was possibly our best one yet.  Costumes, once assembled, were low-maintenance and easy to wear.  As usual, each boy's choice reflected his personality and interests to a T.  Aidan actually wore two costumes this year:  during the day, he dressed as Tom Sawyer for a book report project, and at night, he was Albert Einstein.  Leo made an especially good Luke Skywalker, given his Luke-like hair.  And Pax has been practicing to be a minion ever since we saw Despicable Me 2 way back in July, causing mischief and resulting laughter every chance he gets.  The afternoon was calm and relaxing (the best part of picking the kids up from school); dinner was easy peazy (thank you, Papa J.); and the trick-or-treating was... a treat.

An added bonus to this year's tradition of pizza before setting out for the night was that Great Aunt Babe is visiting, and she joined in on our fun.  Sitting down to dinner:
 I like to call this "controlled chaos:"
 The smartest of the bunch.  (Maybe Aidan should have dressed up as Paul instead of Albert?)
 Away we go!

 It's all relative...
 May the Force be with you!

 Bee-doh, bee-doh, bee-doh!


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