Monday, September 9, 2013

1st Day: Preschool

The Big Event last week was Pax's first day of preschool!  I had no idea how he'd fare the morning of his first day.  He'd either walk right in with barely a backward glance, or stubbornly cling to me, mute and hidden in my pant leg.  He chose the former - Halleluiah! 

Likes:  painting and playing at the beans and rice table
Hates: "the boy who sometimes bes mean to me.".... also that Mom didn't know to send in Show and Tell on the first day of school.
Excited for:  field trip to the pumpkin patch
Favorite color:  green
Favorite song to sing:  "Row, rows yours boat gently down the stream"
Most recent way of keeping mom on her toes:  Escaping the house and running down the street in pursuit of brothers, who were on their way to the bus stop, all while Mom was in the shower. 

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