Sunday, December 9, 2012


I don't have writer's block.  I have total writer's paralysis.  I have so much to say - I've sat down three times this weekend alone to commit my thoughts to print - and yet I still struggle to sort out what I am trying to say.

It is driving me crazy, this need to write paired with the inability to say what's on my mind.  Perhaps it's unwillingness.  Anyway.  Until then - tomorrow?  Tuesday?  Friday?  I need to get the ball rolling. 

Some favorite kid quotes:

Pax loves loves LOVES for me to tell and retell the story of the Baby Jesus's birth.  We have several kid-friendly nativity sets which we use to reenact the story.  Most of the characters in the scene are the same size - the creators paid no attention to accurate dimensions; everything is pretty much small fist-sized.  They are beloved nonetheless. 

One morning, after several re-tellings of the Christmas Story, I left Pax to his own devices and wandered off to unload the dishwasher.  Stealthily eavesdropping, I was lucky enough to hear the following exchange between Mary and the Baby Jesus, as interpreted by Pax:

Pax, holding Mary and speaking to the Baby J: "You come out my body."
Baby J: "I am too big!!"
Mary: "Oh. Yeah."

Heaven's knows that child can speak the truth about some things!!
Last night, we had our annual Picnic Dinner in front of the tree. Leo was ecstatic about the meal, and in particular, about dessert.  He kept saying to Aidan, to Jeff, and to Pax, 
"You know what we're having for dessert?  Fundue!  We're having fundue!"

Once, I corrected him.  "You know, Leo, it's called Fondue.  Not Fundue."  

Leo responded, "Yeah. [indignantly]  That's what I said.  Fundue."

Either that kid wasn't joking, or he has deadpan delivery down pat.

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