Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

Harry Potter, a stegosaurus, and Baby Jaguar walk into a bar....
oh wait.  Different story.

Halloween 2012 was a complete success! We hosted our sort-of annual Halloween party, and it was great fun for everyone.  Highlights included a fantastic Pumpkin Ale homebrew by Jeff, a really fun group of guests, and a rockstar babysitter who helped with every aspect of the party, from making punch to overseeing the kids to cleaning up with me afterward.  I loved my costume this year - a Book, set to battle the evil Nook - and as usual, I loved seeing Jeff's creative genius as applied to costumes come alive again this year.  A few party pics, including some decorations I spent many hours creating...

Bat Garland & kids' spooky artwork
Trick or Treat banner (felt) + party table!
Spray painted pumpkins (this is cuter in real life)
Rat infestation!!
Spiderweb valances
One of the kid stations at the party - "Creepy Feely"

Duking it out:  Book vs. Nook
Bada** Boxers

Seth as himelf;  Jeff, Nursing a Beer; a drunken German; Mittens Romney
Halloween Night was especially fun this year.  It was a low-stress, low-key afternoon paired with an equally relaxed evening.  The weather was chilly yet the skies were finally clear, and I fell in love with our community all over again.  I love our street, I love our neighbors, I love this community in which we've made ourselves home....

....I seem to have this uncanny ability to draw attention from the local police, however.  When my parents came to our house to hand out candy while we trick or treated, we borrowed my dad's golf cart to transport the kids from house to house.  At the second house on our street, I sat in the driver's seat while Jeff took the kids to the door, and who should appear beside me but a cop in an unmarked SUV.  He was not particularly amused with the golf cart and told me to get it off the road. (I forgot to tell him that it was really a volkswagon dressed up as a golf cart....)  Busted.  I called it a draw, though, since he didn't notice the closed container I'd stashed in the cupholder on the dashboard.  (Did I mention I don't even know how to drive the golf cart, so I had to wait for Jeff to come back to move it?  Or better still, the irony in the fact that the cop said the golf cart was "unsafe, especially on a night like tonight" yet he was driving.... an SUV?!)

A few more photos:

I wore this costume when I was pregnant with Aidan, then again when he was 4 months old & went as Hedwig.  I altered it for him 8 years later....

My Stegosaurus. 

Baby Jaguar, complete with a ferocious growl!

Just before The Bust.

Happy Halloween!!!

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