Sunday, September 30, 2012

Gold Stars & Blue Belts

It was a big weekend for Aidan.  On Friday, he was awarded the "Student of the Month" award for September.  His principal visited his class to present the award, which came with a free large pizza from Papa John's.  I love that Aidan is such a good student, but even above working hard and doing well, I love the unquenchable thirst for knowledge and understanding he demonstrates.  

Then on Saturday, after 6 1/2 (!!!) loooong, agonizing, grueling hours, Aidan earned his blue belt in karate.  This is the first "advanced" belt, and we're so proud of Aidan for his commitment to karate and his dedication to earning the belt, even when he was exhausted and drained from the demands of the blue belt test. 

Eventually, Aidan will earn a high blue belt, then a purple belt, then three different ranked brown belts before working toward the highly respected black belt (and all its ranks).  But today, I couldn't be happier for him or more proud of his hard work and dedication - both at school and outside of school as well.  

We are so proud of you and so happy for you, Aidan Paul!

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