Wednesday, July 25, 2012

(nearly)Back in the Saddle

Dear Blog,

Oh, how I have neglected you, you poor, silenced, thing!  I owe you many posts.  But, though I have many planned, tonight's must necessarily be brief.  In the days to come, I promise the following:

1.  A recap of our California Adventure in which I will ATTEMPT to capture, in words and a few photos, the unforgettable journey we had, the memories we made, the stories, laughter, respite and rejuvenation we enjoyed; the countdown until our next visit.... 
2.  Drowning in Liquids:  from cat pee to tonic water. 
3. An Epic Tale in a New Direction.
4.  Close Encounters with The Constable On Patrol:  Story and Poem by Pax Augustus, age 2. 
5.  What I Have Mastered.

Until them, I leave you with two gems:

On the day of the final swim meet of the season, Leo was protesting and complaining that he did not want to go to the swim meet.  "But Leo," I implored, "Why not?  You LOVE swim team!  You have so much fun!  And tonight, you get to do backstroke again - I know how hard you've been working!"  "I know," he replied.  "It's just that I don't like all the RACING at swim meets."

Aidan attended camp at Monticello last week, and he positively LOVED it.  He learned so many interesting facts about the life and times of Thomas Jefferson, and I was impressed by how much fun he had, how varied the activities were, how engaged he was in the experiences, and how much he gained in the short week he was there.  Toward the end of camp, the kids toured the home as a group, and because Aidan has toured it several times before, I wondered how interested he'd be to see it yet again.  "How was the house tour, Aidan?" I asked him.  "Mom!  It was so great!  And GUESS WHAT?  I learned a SECRET about Thomas Jefferson's house, something that NO OTHER GUESTS KNOW ABOUT when they come!"  "What is it?"  I asked excitedly, thinking that they had been shown a cordoned off section, or perhaps the dome room, or even something super-cool like a hidden room.  "I KNOW WHERE THEY KEEP THE VACUUM!!!"  he exclaimed with a puffed chest and a broad grin. 

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