Sunday, April 15, 2012

Spring Break, continued...

The rest of spring break went by too fast, as long-anticipated respites from routine often do. Highlights from the rest of the week include.....

Painting canvases of original art. In the past when we've done art projects, I vacillate between wanting them to enjoy the process, but also hoping for a display-worthy product, at the end. Not wanting to quash their creativity, open-ended art projects often resemble the former, not the latter. But this time around, I realized that I could have my art and hang it, too. Just like when I guide my kids in writing poetry or composing short stories, so, too, could I guide their art - limit the tools, the number of paints available; increase the amount of time between drying coats of paints; introduce one particular technique, such as using Sharpie markers for added effect (and clarity). In this way, the process was creative and all their own, and the product is on display for passers-by to see.

Aidan planned out his design (a rough draft, if you will) and took his inspiration from the vivid paintings in The Imaginary Garden. Leo drew a family of three lions, all of whom are wearing bathing suits and visiting a nearby pool. He accentuated his art by colorful abstract bursts of color, an oversized flower, and a cheerful sun. Pax originally drew a spider in Sharpie, but then partially covered it with beautiful swirls of paint. The finished works of art:
(From left to right: Leo and his lions; flower vase they made last year; small Pax canvas, top; Aidan's garden, far right)

Another day, all three boys headed out with Grandma and Grandpa for an afternoon at Bounce and Play and dinner at Cheeseburger in Paradise - sounds like Grandsons in Paradise, to me! (Grateful for a few quiet hours, this was *definitely* Anne in Paradise.)

My mom hosted a "Clay Party" for my boys and two sweet girls we know, one of whom regularly comes and "does clay" with my mom. The kids sculpted while the mothers sipped spritzers.

We peeked in regularly on the nest that two birds had built in the wreath on my parents' front door. Pax waved and said in the sweetest, tiniest voice, "hi!" each time we held him up to see them. Leo pronounced,
"Oh, they are so cute. They look like little sponges!"

There were play dates and games of Uno, bike rides and fort building, and a whole lot of reading. Aidan finished reading Harry Potter (number 1) and blazed through two more books on his break. As the week drew to an end, I felt sad that it was ending, but so excited for what was to come - summer, in just 6 short weeks - and Easter - just a few days away.....

(to be continued...)

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