Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Ox

According to the Chinese Zodiac, an Ox is someone who exhibits strength and determination. Our ox, Pax, certainly embodies those characteristics, most obviously in his determination to communicate - silently - and in his stubborn refusal, his strength - in trying to speak new words. I vacillate between admiring him for his downright beautiful miming skills, and feeling so frustrated and desperate for him to speak to us.

On this morning, however, no words could have made this scene more beautiful, tender, heartening. Largely unaware of my presence, Pax went about his caretaking in a most gentle and loving manner:

Pax climbed carefully on a step stool to reach diapers, a changing cloth, and wipes. Baby laid so still and so sweetly, ready to be freshened up:

I love the look of determination, tongue tucked between his teeth as he pulls out the wipe from the pouch...

Evidently deciding that Baby is happier unclothed, Pax gently trimmed each of Baby's toenails......then decided to trim his own.

Knowing how much Baby enjoys books, Pax chose a favorite - Snuggle Me, Snuggly - and nestled in for a quiet show of pictures.

I love you, my strong, determined Ox.

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Susan said...

I've never seen a cuter Ox!