Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Man Like My Father

This story has been told many times, but never here --

Late one night as a college freshman, I was talking to an older boy about what my perfect mate in life would be like. I named a variety of character traits (funny; good at fixing things; cute ), values I would want him to have (compassion; deep respect for women and people in general), beliefs I hoped he would hold (God). I concluded, "I guess you could say I'm looking for someone a lot like my own father. Someone who would rush to the store to buy more batteries when the smoke detector starts beeping late at night. Someone who would fix me pickles and ice cream in a bowl when I'm pregnant and craving it at 3 in the morning." My friend laughed his cruel laugh and shot back at me, "You'll never find someone like that."

Indeed, I have. Jeff is that man - the man who tends to the safety of his family, who lovingly fetches peculiar cravings, who is sensitive and kind, dedicated and devoted to those he loves best in this world. And that makes me one pretty lucky woman to have not one but two extraordinary men in this world who treat me with such absolute, unconditional, unwavering, love - my own father; and my children's father.

Happy Father's Day to two of the very best fathers in the world.

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