Thursday, May 12, 2011

Feeding the Fruit Bug

(Out of the Mouths of Babes)

Aidan, at dinner, swirling his pasta in spaghetti sauce:
Daddy: Can you even taste the sauce, Aidan?
Aidan (still swirling): No. I just like how it looks.

Leo, in the car with a grouchy Aidan:
"I just want this to be a nice day. But this is not my Aidan. This is a mean Aidan."

First words out of Leo's mouth, 3 seconds after opening his eyes:
"Mom, my hands are hungry!"

Leo, out of the blue:
When pirates are acting nice and politely when they want to say hello, they say 'Ahoy Matey!'"

Pax, at bedtime, looks at me and signs:
"Love you."

Leo, while drinking iced coffee:
"I like iced coffee. But if you put too much sugar in it, it doesn't taste good. It tastes all floppy and mixy."

Leo, at dinner, intentionally drops a pear on the floor. Jeff grabs it--
"No!! I am feeding the fruit bug!"

...and finally, a really oldie but goodie that I've yet to post here:

(after getting in trouble and losing screen time privileges...)
Leo, coaching/talking to himself:

"Whatever I do, I must choose something to do other than screen time. And I am NOT ANGRY about losing my screen time!!"

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