Thursday, March 31, 2011


Birthday celebrations are bountiful in our family during the month of March. We enjoyed a special birthday treat with Jeff this year - I got tickets for the five of us to go see a men's lacrosse game - UVA versus Ohio State. (UVA won, of course). It was the first sporting event we've taken the kids to see, and it was so much fun! Aidan thoroughly enjoyed the spirit of the game and was hollering and cheering along with the rest of the crowd. Leo enjoyed it... until we realized we didn't have enough cash for the $10 bucket of popcorn he wanted. He pouted and stamped on the stands, but no one minded - everyone else was busy stamping their feet, too, in loud appreciation of the fine showmanship of the lacrosse team! And Pax pretty much contented himself with snuggling in the Ergo and made a game of putting his pacifier into my mouth... over and over and over again. The game was great fun, and I love having a new event that the whole family enjoys (er, next time we'll bring wads of cash to throw at the food vendors....)

Run, baby run! Jeff and I ran the C'ville 10 Miler on Saturday, March 26. It was awesome! Even though Aidan is always disappointed that we don't win, (he explained his daydream of "freezing" all the other runners so that Jeff and I could make it to the finish line, then unfreezing them just before we crossed the end of the race) I love the example we set for our kids, a fit mama and a fit daddy racing together. We're coming up on our 10 year anniversary, so we ran the 10 Miler; a marathon at 26, perhaps?

Arse-kicking. That's what this semester has been for me. But I'm fighting back - valiantly - and am so excited to realize that I'm going to graduate in May 2012, with just 2 classes and summer clinic remaining. I'm looking forward, very much, to May 2, 2011 when I can finally breathe a little easier....

Snow! Can you believe it? Snow fell the day after our race, on March 27. Never thought I'd see my hyacinths covered in a layer of snow, but I never thought I'd get my arse kicked by my 60-something professor, either. (I might be exaggerating here. I'm confident I'll still pull out an A... just not the A+ I've grown accustomed to...)

Sandy (my aunt) and her partner Karen came for a visit! It was great fun to have them at our race, because I vividly remember marveling at my aunt when she was running long races herself. She'd come for a visit... and go running! In high school, when I had zero confidence in my running ability, my aunt worked with me at the high school track to run better and longer.... (I'm talking a mile here, people - she helped me make it to a mile!) How sweet to have her support me again, 14 years and many miles later...

So there you have it - B.R.A.S.S. (Make mine a Brass Monkey instead?!)

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