Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secretary of State....

Carrying on with the political theme here.... Pax is our resident Secretary. (of the State of Chaos, maybe?) Recent proof:

Last week, Pax was eating a snack in his high chair in the kitchen while Jeff vacuumed the other rooms. Jeff looked over at Pax at one point to see him staring directly at Jeff and pointing to the phone. Jeff turned off the vacuum and sure enough, the phone was ringing...

This week, I was anticipating a phone call but really needed to do a quick cleaning. I parked Pax in his high chair again in the kitchen and before I turned on the vacuum, I said, "You tell me if the phone is ringing, okay? Let me know if the phone rings." I went about my task, and about 5 minutes later when I came into his view again, Pax was staring at me and pointing to the phone. No way, I thought. Is this happening twice? But when I shut off the vacuum, there was no ringing phone. I went over to see if perhaps there was a message, but no, there was not. "You silly boy, the phone did not ring!" I said to Pax. In response, he pointed again to the phone. Skeptically, I decided to scroll through the caller ID (with time stamp). Lo and behold, not one minute before, I had received the phone call I had been waiting for!! Genius Baby! I called my friend back - "My secretary said that you called?"

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gthiele said...

Of course Pax is brilliant, just like his brothers!!

And, (from State of the Union post) just what is wrong with Aidan wanting to play drums ?!?!?!

Keep writing!!