Wednesday, February 3, 2010

6 Word Memoir

I'm *sort of* having blogger's block. I have some drafts, some ideas of what I want to write, but I'm struggling to actualize them into final versions. In the meantime, while I polish those drafts, I was suddenly struck with inspiration for a quick post from this NPR link - a six word memoir.

Possibilities I have thus far:

Not old enough to write one. (Not wise enough to write one?)

This is not quite right, but it was the first thing I thought when NPR challenged me to think of my memoir. I can't deny that I actually am getting older, that I get carded now out of politeness rather than an actual assumption that I am under 21, that I have wrinkles at my eyes and a few gray hairs and, perhaps most telling of all, that the length of time it takes to recover from one too many drinks the night before far exceeds what a person a decade younger requires....

Happy girl surrounded by cute boys.

This is adequate, but only adequate. It lacks enough explanation. The quantity of boys, especially when they are all very loud and not listening to me, is not expressed in this memoir. I am definitely happy, but I am happy because of who the boys are - my sons, my husband. Not enough info. I like the girl-among-boys theme, though....

Family of Five: Outnumbered: Her Majesty!

But this implies a certain...princessyness that I'm not sure I like. And I hope my family does not think I am as witchy as queens are reputed to be. Still, it's in the running as a possibility.

Raising boys means razing misogynist views.

This is more angry than I really mean it to be.... but it can only be six words, so that precludes the less angry version: Fairly feminist mom is working really hard to deconstruct stereotypes and labels given to boys in an effort to raise caring, gentle, sensitive men like their father, yet struggles daily to combat the gun sounds and constant wrestling matches that take place in and around the play kitchen set, the dollhouse, and the cabbage patch kid.

If I did yoga a lot (which I don't do, ever --) mine could be

Bent out of shape - Lovin' it!

Or if I was a divorcee with no intentions of remarrying, or maybe just an ultra Feminist - (never will be either of these)

Woman: Woah, man! Don't need you!

Maybe I am simply

Just one mom wearing many hats.

Still lacks enough detail. I am wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend, chef, teacher, tutor, housekeeper, bill payer, laundry doer, grad student, gym goer, choir member, child chauffeur, party planner, picture taker, note writer, baby wearer, cat owner, reader, thinker, doer... the list goes on and on. Alas, I will keep my "thinking hat" on and continue to perfect my six word memoir. In the meantime - what is yours, dear reader?


Carter Family said...

Revision: One woman wearing too many hats. That's it, I think.

Susan said...

As an almost fully retired woman enjoying all kinds of new adventures maybe mine should be: Almost done, having fun, good run.

Jeff said...

Nursing my mind, family, and profession... I don't think that encompasses it all though... maybe something broader:
Life is poetry to attentive souls.