Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Leo

My blog entries feel kind of heavy these days, so it's high time I lighten things up a bit. Here are some very funny quotes from Mr. Leo Carter himself. You have to imagine him saying everything, though, in his sweet little voice. He is very articulate for an almost-three-year-old, and that's what makes what he says even funnier sometimes...

(at dinner one night -)
Leo: I need to eat my bite ums.
Daddy: Your vitamins?
Leo: Yes. My bite ums.

(after finally settling down at his seat and eating his lunch, very quietly and intently--)
Leo: (with a sigh of relief) Oh good. The monsters ate up all of my lunch for me.

(Leo, referring to Pax's sneeze)
"He blessed me!" (He sneezed!)

Leo has a love-hate relationship with the cats. He wants to love them, and tries to, but they kind of hate him for it. Especially Alice.
Leo: I do not want my kitty to go into the bathroom, so I lock the door.
Mom: Why don't you want Alice to go into the bathroom?
Leo: I do not want my kitty to be flushed down the potty.
(now THAT would be quite the sight. Alice nearly outweighs Leo! She's huge!!!)

Leo to Daddy: I lost my tooth.
D: You lost your tooth?
L: Yup. But I can get a new one.
D: Where will you get a new one?
L: At Target.

At church last week, the Sunday School teacher asked if there were certain roles Aidan and Leo would like for the pageant. I told her they would be whatever they needed, so she asked if they would be kings. Aidan was very excited about this, but Leo just kind of stared at her. At dinner, when Aidan was talking about being a king, he was very excited and said that a king was much better than a shepherd (what he'd been two years ago.)
Jeff asked Leo, Are you going to be a king in the Christmas pageant?
Leo: No!!....... a pumpkin!!
[silence as Jeff searches for how to respond]
Daddy: Leo, I'm afraid there aren't any pumpkins in the Christmas story...
Leo: Oh. A king, then.

We went to sit on Santa's lap recently. I was nervous about this for several reasons, the biggest of which being I didn't want the kids to announce some big, elaborate, extravagant gift that they hadn't mentioned wanting before. I even coached Aidan for weeks beforehand, hoping he'd change his mind on the real violin he was set on having. (He did - he asked Santa for a tumbling mat so that he can practice his gymnastics. Whew.) But I thought Leo's request would be a cinch - at first he said he was going to ask for lollipops, and then decided on train tracks. Done and done. Well.... Santa and I were both a bit thrown off with Leo's request:
Santa: And what do you want for Christmas, Leo?
Leo: Remote control.
S: A remote control..... what? What will the remote control do? Like a remote control car?
(Leo just stared at him, and that was the end of the conversation - at the time, at least.)
At dinner, we asked Leo to tell us more about the remote control he was hoping Santa would bring.
Leo: "A remote control for the tree. So that it goes round and round when you push it!"

Santa certainly has his work cut out for him!!

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